Can't Join Netgear Extender WiFi Network? Here's the Solution!

Can’t Join Netgear Extender WiFi Network? Here’s the Solution!

March 23, 2022 | Adam Hector

Setting up Netgear wireless range extenders facilitates users to enjoy multiple bandwidth-hungry activities without lag. However, accessing a high-speed internet connection remains a dream for a lot of users. The reason being, they are unable to join the Netgear extender WiFi network. If you are also struggling with the same problem, then this post will be of some help to you. Here, we have summed up various tips and tricks using which you can easily get rid of the issue you are facing. So, let’s get started.

Fixed: Can’t Join Netgear Extender WiFi Network

I. Check the WiFi Password

The first thing that might be preventing you from joining the network of the Netgear dual-band WiFi mesh extender is the use of the incorrect password. Perhaps, you are unaware of the correct password or have committed a typing mistake.

To rectify the issue, type the correct WiFi password of your Netgear extender. Avoid typing errors while doing so. Now, check if typing the correct password brings you joy. No? Don’t worry! Have a look at the next troubleshooting hack.

II. Reboot Your WiFi Extender

Another reason behind your inability to connect to the Netgear extender WiFi network are technical glitches. These glitches can be resolved by implementing the simplest yet effective hack i.e. rebooting the device.

Just in case you are not aware of the correct procedure of rebooting your Netgear range extender, give a read to the instructions mentioned below:

  • Disconnect your Netgear range extender from the host router.
  • Once done, power off your dual-band wireless extender.
  • Unplug the extender from the power source.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug your Netgear dual-band range extender back into the power source.
  • Power on your Netgear extender.
  • Reconnect your Netgear extender to your home router.

Once your extender gets rebooted properly, try to connect your devices to the Netgear extender WiFi network and see if you get success. If the rebooting process also fails to bear fruit, then either contact our experts or stick to the reading.

III. Connect Your WiFi Devices Properly

Is the connection between your Netgear extender and the host router proper? Probably not. Else, you won’t be struggling to connect your client devices to the Netgear extender WiFi network. Know that there should be a clear line of sight between your WiFi devices. No matter which source of connection you have used to connect them, it needs to be firm.

Note: In case of the wired connection, make sure that the Ethernet cable in use is damage-free.

IV. Remove Signal Interference

Chances are that the WiFi signals of your Netgear range extender are getting interrupted. The major source causing WiFi interference are thick concrete walls, mirrors, fish tanks, metal objects, etc. Thus, keep your Netgear extender away from these things for proper signal transmission.

Besides, appliances like microwave ovens, Bluetooth gadgets, cellular phones, refrigerators, televisions, etc. emit electromagnetic radiations. These radiations are also capable of messing up with your Netgear extender WiFi signals. Thus, avoid placing your extender near such appliances.

Quick Tip: You might also fail to connect your client devices to the Netgear extender’s network if the device you are trying to connect is subjected to MAC filtering. Keep in mind that the MAC Filtering feature denies internet access to a specific client device.

V. Set Up Your Extender Properly

If none of the aforementioned troubleshooting tactics have worked in your favor, then your Netgear extender might have been partially installed. In that scenario, you need to set it up again. However, it cannot be done without resetting your WiFi device.

Don’t know how to reset the Netgear WiFi extender? Read these instructions:

  • Verify that the extender is receiving sufficient electricity from the power source.
  • Now, find the Reset button on your dual-band WiFi range extender.
  • Once found, grab an oil pin and use it to press the Reset button.
  • Wait until your extender does not get restored to the factory default mode.

Now, set up your extender from scratch by accessing the Netgear Genie dashboard. This time you’ll surely be able to join the Netgear extender WiFi network.

The Conclusion

Joining the Netgear extender WiFi network is essential to enjoy various benefits offered by the device. However, the inability to do so can make anyone go nuts. Let’s hope that you will be able to troubleshoot the issue you were facing using the above-discussed hacks. If you are still endeavoring to connect your client devices to the extender’s network, reach out to our experts without any hesitation.

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