Help! My Netgear WiFi Extender Causing Problems

Help! My Netgear WiFi Extender Causing Problems

“Can you help? My Netgear WiFi extender causing problems for a long time. I tried rebooting it, but nothing worked. It keeps on dropping internet and lagging especially when I stream videos.”, Emy said.

Emy from the US approached us with this particular issue. Our experts gave her personalized assistance and helped her get the issue fixed. Later, we recognized that many other Netgear users are struggling with the same kind of issue and reach out to us on daily basis. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with this piece of writing. Here, we are going to pen down all the possible hacks you can try if your Netgear WiFi extender causing problems too. So, keep reading and make your extender problem-free.

Fixed: Netgear WiFi Extender Causing Problems

Below is the breakdown of the most common issues faced by Netgear extender users along with their tested solutions. So, keep scrolling until you get the answer to your issue.

1. WiFi Keeps Dropping

The very first and major concern of Netgear users is that their extender is constantly dropping WiFi. If the same is the case with you, update the firmware of your extender by accessing the mywifiext setup wizard and see if it works for you.

You are also suggested to check the cable connections established between your router and extender as well as change the password of your extender for getting the issue fixed.

2. Not Working

If your WiFi extender causing problems like not working, then this may be due to the use of an outdated web browser. For ridding yourself of the same, either switch to another web browser or update the one in use. Besides, erase cache and cookies from your web browser before accessing the mywifiext web address.

If still the same issue arises, you can use IP address as an alternate to access the settings of your range extender and tweak them as per your needs.

3. Can’t Set Up Netgear Extender

It has been found that the Netgear WiFi extender causing problems related to setup as well. If you are a victim of this issue, then check the steps below and get success with the Netgear extender setup process.

  • Connect your Netgear extender to the home WiFi router. You can either go wirelessly or make use of an Ethernet cable.
  • Once done, power up the extender and let the LEDs on your device turn green and become stable.
  • Launch a web browser on your computer and type into the address field.
  • The second your press the Enter key, you will find yourself on the extender login page.
  • Access the manual of your extender and get default login details from it.
  • Once found, input the default username and password into the given fields and click Log In.
  • This will take you to the dashboard of your range extender.
  • Navigate to settings and select the network of the router.
  • Certain on-screen instructions will then reveal on your system’s screen.
  • Follow all the instructions in the same manner, and there you are.

This is how you can set up your Netgear extender and get rid of this issue.

4. Netgear Extender Blinking Red

You may also run into problems like Netgear extender blinking red. If so, then worry not. Your Netgear WiFi extender will no more cause this issue. Simply try the fixes mentioned below:

  • Cross-check the cable connection between your extender and router. If you have used an Ethernet cable to connect both the devices, make sure it has no cuts.
  • Verify if your extender is getting sufficient power supply from the socket to which it is plugged in.
  • Make sure the firmware of your extender is updated to its latest version.
  • Relocate the extender. Perhaps, it is not in the range of your router. Or, possibly your WiFi extender causing problems due to closeness of things leading to WiFi interference.
  • Check if your router and extender are properly configured.
  • Ensure that you are having access to an active internet plan.

Let’s now wrap up!

These were the most common issues faced by Netgear extender users. We hope you get a fix for yours. If still your WiFi extender causing problems, consider contacting our technical experts. For your perusal, our squad of mywifiext support professionals is on its toes to help Netgear users fix various issues with their WiFi range extenders.

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