How To Find Saved WiFi Password on Your Netgear Extender?
How To Find Saved WiFi Password on Your Netgear Extender

How To Find Saved WiFi Password on Your Netgear Extender?

Have you purchased a new device? Trying to connect your device to the network of your WiFi extender for getting access to the internet, but don’t remember the password? Here’s how to find saved WiFi password on your Netgear extender for making the most of your WiFi.

Steps to Find Saved WiFi Password on Your Extender

Forgetting WiFi passwords is common. You perhaps have used a strong password to keep your extender safe from various potential attacks, but now unable to memorize it.

Now, are you planning to reset your device to factory defaults as you don’t remember your WiFi password? Hold on my friend! That’s where we can help you.

There is no need to set your extender back to factory defaults for resetting your WiFi password. Fortunately, you can find saved WiFi password on your WiFi extender by implementing a few tips and tricks. Here’s how.

  • If you already have access to the Netgear extender login page on one of your devices through Netgear_ext, then you can find your saved WiFi password in an instant.
  • Simply navigate to the settings of your Netgear WiFi range extender and select the Wireless option.
  • Under the General settings, you will be able to find your WiFi password. However, two different options can reveal on your screen.
  • If you find the option saying “Same as existing network password” on your screen, then you need to use the password that is currently being used for your home WiFi router.
  • Or, if the ‘Use a different password’ option appears on your screen after selecting the WiFi password option, then you can head towards the Security Type option, and from there check the Network Key being used by you for your WiFi device.

This is how you can find saved WiFi password on your Netgear WiFi range extender. Just in case you are not logged into your extender and still looking to find your saved password, you can use the password recovery feature. Here’s how to find your WiFi password using the Netgear password recovery feature.

Steps to Find Saved WiFi Password Using Password Recovery Feature

  • Launch a web browser on the device connected to your network. Make sure you launch a browser that is running latest software version.
  • Once done, enter mywifiext in the web address bar and press the Enter key.
  • The extender login window will display on your screen asking you to enter your username and password.
  • As you are not, anymore, having access to your password, click the Cancel option.
  • Selecting this will reveal the Password Recovery window on your system’s screen.
  • For proceeding further, you must have access to the serial number of your device.
    Note: If you are not known about the serial number of your device, get in touch with our experts for having assistance on the same.
  • After entering the serial number of your device into the given field click Continue.
  • You then will be requested to answer a few security questions. These are the questions you might have answered while doing the set up of your extender.
  • So, fill in the correct answers for all the security questions and proceed further by pressing the Continue option.
  • You will have access to your WiFi password. Now, use the password on the device you want to connect to your WiFi extender network.


This is all about finding the saved WiFi password on your Netgear extender. It is expected that you find the above-given methods to find the saved WiFi password extremely useful.

If you have tried executing all the steps, but still are not getting success with the process of having your extender’s password, then let our experts handle the situation for you. Contact our team of seasoned professionals and ask them to find saved WiFi password on your Netgear extender.

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