How to Set up Mesh WiFi with Existing Router?
How to Set up Mesh WiFi with Existing Router?

How to Set up Mesh WiFi with Existing Router?

Are you facing issues with your internet connection? Well, the right solution to get the issue fixed is to set up a Netgear Mesh WiFi with existing router. If you don’t know how to get success with the process of setting up a Mesh WiFi with existing router, then this post could be of great help. Well, before we get started with the process, let’s first make you familiar with the know-how of Netgear Mesh WiFi Systems.

What are Netgear Mesh WiFi Systems?

Netgear Mesh WiFi Systems are the one-stop solution to enjoy blazing fast internet throughout the land in your home. Users, sometimes, even after configuring the router and doing Netgear extender setup, face internet issues in some areas of their homes. If you are also having dead zones in your home, then setting up Netgear Mesh WiFi with existing router can do wonders for you.

A Mesh WiFi system will make it possible for you to turn the dead zones in your home into fun zones. Flaunting advanced technology, Mesh systems are basically offered to enhance your Wi-Fi’s connectivity and take your internet-using experience to another level. However, to enjoy all the benefits, you need to rightly configure the Mesh WiFi system at your home.

Steps to Set up Mesh WiFi with Existing Router

Note: The steps listed below are used for generic models. However, there could be changes in the steps depending upon one Mesh WiFi system to another.

Begin with Connecting the Mesh System

To set up your Netgear Mesh WiFi with existing router, start by plugging the power cord of your system into a working power socket. Once done, connect the Mesh system or nodes with your existing router using an Ethernet cable.

Quick Tip: Make sure you place the nodes (especially primary node) of your Mesh WiFi system at the right place. Else, you could face issues when it comes to setting up your Mesh WiFi with existing router. FYI, the primary node of your Mesh system should be placed closer to the existing home WiFi router.

Download the Netgear App

As soon as you are done with establishing a connection between your devices, navigate to the App Store that is compatible with the operating system of your smartphone and download the Netgear app on it.

Proceed further by creating a Netgear account and logging in to your router. Once done, the app itself will guide you with various instructions on how to set up your Mesh system.

Configure Your Mesh

The app will now look for the parent node of your Mesh system. As soon as the node is detected by the app, you will be notified about the same. Note that, the node of your WiFi router will automatically get an IP address.

Next, you need to set a name and password for your network. Ideally, the same credentials are assigned for both the WiFi bands. However, some systems demand you set a separate password for 2.4 and 5GHz bands. This is how you can configure your Mesh system nodes.

Start Tweaking Settings

Once you are all done with setting up the Mesh WiFi with existing router, start tweaking the settings of your Mesh as per your needs. To make the most of your WiFi system, however, you are suggested to keep the following things in mind:

  • Never locate the nodes of your Mesh WiFi system on the floor. Instead, place them on a tabletop or higher surface.
  • Make sure the Mesh system nodes are placed at a close distance to a working power socket. This will avoid the need for having access to an extended cable.
  • Maintain at least 30 feet distance between your nodes.
  • Do not place the nodes inside a cabinet or under a table.

Wrapping up

That was all about how to set up Mesh WiFi with existing router. We anticipate that the instructions given in the blog will help you configure your Mesh without any hassle. However, do note that, if at any step you are facing issues while executing the process, feel free to get in touch with our technical experts for immediate help. Our experts are 24×7 available, for your perusal.

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