Reset Netgear EAX80 But Can’t Set It Up

Reset Netgear EAX80 But Can’t Set It Up? Let’s Help!

December 29, 2022 | Adam Hector

“I needed to perform factory reset on my Netgear EAX80 extender. I pressed the reset button and let it go after a few moments. After that, my extender rebooted. I did so because it was not transmitting Netgear_ext But, now the problem is that I don’t know from where to start the reconfiguration of the extender.” – A Netgear range extender user.

More than 70% of users who factory reset their Netgear range extenders are unaware of how to reconfigure their WiFi device. Some of them are even not aware of what to do next. Well, no matter to which category you belong, you are supposed to set up the device again. However, if you own an EAX80 extender, then consider yourself lucky because as we have targeted the reconfiguration of the same model. Get down to reading this instant.

How to Reconfigure Netgear EAX80 Extender?

Considering you have got an idea that the entire setup process of your EAX80 extender needs to be carried out again. So, here we have simplified the instructions for the extender’s reconfiguration in a few simple steps. However, if you are not brave enough to set up the extender on your own, know that our experts are always available for your assistance.

1) Reconnect EAX80 and Router

Since you restored the EAX80 extender to the default factory mode, it is assumed that you followed the correct steps and disconnected it from the existing router as well. To reconfigure your extender, you are required to re-establish the connection between both devices. Thus, rejoin them with the help of an Ethernet cable or a wireless source. You are free to choose at your convenience.

2) Load an Internet Browser

The second factor that needs to make its entry to help you complete the Netgear EAX80 setup process is a web browser. Although you have various options available with respect to the browser selection, we would like to suggest you proceed with the aid of an updated one. It will be a great thing if the chosen one is not carrying junk (cache, search history, and cookies).

3) Access Netgear EAX80 Login Page

Now, locate the address bar of the web browser you just opened. FYI, it is located at the top of the web browser. Reaching there, input the default URL of the extender. Be sure that you enter the URL in an error-free way. Otherwise, you might encounter the refused to connect issue during the EAX80 extender’s reconfiguration. After entering the URL, hit Enter and you’ll find yourself on the administrative page a.k.a. the Netgear WiFi extender login window.

4) Input the Default Credentials

This is the most crucial stage of the Netgear EAX80 setup process. Once you are on the login page, the default values of the extender’s username and password need to be inserted in their respective fields. Since they are case-sensitive, you are supposed to type them very carefully. Consider keeping the Caps Lock key off as a precaution. Once done with the admin details entry, hit Log In.

5) Walk Through the Prompts

With a successful login attempt, the BASIC Home screen of the EAX80 extender will show up. It is a sign that you need to walk through the final instructions for the extender’s reconfiguration. For that, you will come across some prompts on the extender’s dashboard. Give them a shot and complete the re-installation process of your WiFi device.

Here, completes the reconfiguration of your Netgear range extender EAX80. But, let us tell you a secret! You can skip the hassle of customizing the settings again after reaching the BASIC Home screen. However, you will be able to do that only if you have saved the backup file of the previous configuration of the Netgear EAX80 range extender. If you did, then the next section will make you learn the steps to restore the previous settings of your WiFi device.

How to Restore Netgear EAX80 Settings?

Now that you are on the extender’s BASIC Home screen, consider clicking the Settings tab. Thereafter, select ‘Other’ to move to the Other Settings page. Once there, navigate to the Restore section and select the Browse button. Locate the backup file of your EAX80 and select the Restore button. Within a few moments, you will find out that the previous settings of your range extender have been restored. Now, you can enjoy accessing your extender’s network.

Summing Up

That’s all about the reconfiguration of your Netgear EAX80 range extender after the factory default reset procedure. You learned that the entire setup process needs to be executed from scratch if you haven’t backup the extender’s settings. This blog also highlighted the steps to avoid the hassle of customizing the extender’s settings again. Just in case you need more assistance regarding the EAX80 extender, you can ping our technical support executives at any hour of the day.

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