Block Devices From WiFi

How to Block Devices From WiFi Network of Your Netgear Extender

Netgear Extender
Not every device connected to your Netgear WiFi is one you are up for using your bandwidth. Just in case you want to deny WiFi access for your ungrateful roommates, leeching neighbor, or simply an unrecognized device, you can use MAC address filter to block them from using your WiFi. This post will make you familiar with the know-how to block devices from WiFi network of your Netgear extender. Continue reading. What is MAC Filtering? Before we walk you through the process of how to block devices from WiFi, let's first explain what is MAC filtering and how it works. The Media Access Control or MAC Filter is used to create a list of allowed or blocked devices. However, to get started, you need to know the MAC address of…
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