When Nighthawk App Can’t Find Router

What to Do When Nighthawk App Can’t Find Router?

October 11, 2023 | Adam Hector
Are you worried because your Nighthawk app is not detecting your router? Well, this happens with many users that the Nighthawk app shows an error message saying router not found or internet not connected. In case you are also receiving an error message and your Nighthawk app can’t find router, then use this post as a medium for getting the perfect solution for this issue. Here, you will learn some best remedies using which your app will work fine and will easily detect your Netgear router. Let’s get started without any further delay. Nighthawk App Can’t Find Router: What to Do? Connect to the Right Network In order to access the Nighthawk app on your phone, the phone must be connected to the Netgear router’s network. Perhaps the phone is…
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