Connect Netgear WiFi 6 Extender to Nighthawk Router

How to Connect Netgear WiFi 6 Extender to Nighthawk Router?

December 7, 2023 | Jones Tremblay
“I own a Netgear WiFi 6 extender, particularly, EAX20 model, and a host router. I’m wondering whether I can boost the signal strength by connecting them with a wire. Can I use an Ethernet cable for this purpose or there is a specific setup that I need to follow for a wired connection? Help would be much appreciated.” This query got rolled out on 1st December 2023 by some of the struggling users owning Netgear wireless range extenders. By any chance, if you are amongst them, then you should thank your lucky stars considering you landed on the right post. Here, we have talked in detail how you can connect your Netgear extender, regardless of the model in use, and the router via an Ethernet cable, the precautions while doing…
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