Place WiFi Range Extender Netgear After Setup

Where to Place WiFi Range Extender Netgear After Setup?

April 24, 2023 | Adam Hector

Netgear builds networking gadgets with top-notch quality. WiFi range extenders are one of them. There are hand-picked by many users across the globe. WiFi range extenders are used to provide internet access in those parts of the home where you do not get signals. These places are called dead spots. After getting the WiFi range extender Netgear in your home, you set it up or configure it with the existing gateway in your home. Post that, you place it at a location in the home where you experience dead WiFi spots. But while placing your extender there are certain things that you need to consider. You will get to know about the things that need consideration while relocating the extender in this very blog.

How to Choose the Best Place For Netgear Extender?

Do you know that there are several factors that affect the quality of signals that you are going to receive from your Netgear range extender? Appropriate placement of the extender is one of them. We have highlighted some important tips that you need to consider while you are about to shift your extender to a new location after the setup is completed.

1. Place it Closer to the Router

This is a vital point that you need to take care of for sure. During the setup process, you were suggested to keep the extender closer to the host router since you had to connect both devices. But after the setup is completed, you can move the extender. The whole purpose of an extender is to eliminate dead zones. So you place it near the dead zones. But keep in mind that it has to get signals from the router. This is possible only when the devices stay close to each other.

Thus, it is suggested to choose a place that is within the boundary line of the router’s range. Keep in mind that the devices should not be placed very close to each other also. This will make their signal clash.

2. Keep it at Open Place

Now that you have chosen a place to keep the WiFi range extender Netgear near the router. You need to see that the place is not congested. Do not choose a corner or basement for the extenders. The place should be open and airy. The WiFi signals should not get obstructed by other objects around. This will simply result in signal wastage otherwise.

3. Keep Away From Signal Interference

You placed the extender near the router in an open and airy place. Now check that the place that you have selected for your extender should not have other devices or home appliances around. There are other devices in home that radiate EM waves. Some other devices or appliances operate on similar frequency bands. This will result in interference in signals.

Hence, keep your WiFi range extender Netgear away from other networking devices or home appliances in the home to avoid WiFi interference.

4. Choose a Higher Place

Now, there is one point that you need to consider. The signals by Netgear extender or any other networking devices get radiated outwards and downwards. In case you have chosen a lower shelf in the home to place the extender, then most of the signal will get wasted. To avoid this, you are supposed to place the Netgear extender at a higher place. There will be minimum signal wastage this way.

Bonus tip: Apart from the points given above, you need to keep your extender away from reflexive surfaces, building materials like thick timber walls, and large water bodies like fish tanks.

How to Enhance WiFi Range Extender Netgear Performance?

We have told you about the placement of the extender. You have also learned how to choose the best possible place for your extender. Now we what you to know what else you can do to enhance the performance of your Netgear extender.

You need to check for updates. Yes! Firmware updates are essential. Always bear in mind that your WiFi range extender Netgear should be running on the most latest version of firmware to get the best performance from it. You can easily update the firmware on your extender. In case it is the manual method that you opt for, you first need to download the latest version of firmware for your extender and then access the Netgear extender admin panel and install the firmware on the device. You can also use the Nighthawk app to get the firmware updated on your extender. So, go ahead and update the firmware and get the best WiFi signals in all the nooks and crannies of your home.

To Conclude Briefly

We are sure that by following the tips and tricks given in this guide, you will be able to enjoy seamless internet from your WiFi range extender Netgear. In case you want to know more about how to get the best signals from your extender, reach out to our experts.

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