Why My Netgear WiFi Not Connecting to TV?

Why My Netgear WiFi Not Connecting to TV?

September 22, 2022 | Adam Hector

It can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to connect your smart TV to the Netgear WiFi, but getting no results. Well, there can be various reasons behind getting the ‘Netgear WiFi not connecting to TV’ issue. Perhaps there is some problem with your smart TV or maybe your TV is not supporting the model of Netgear WiFi extender you are using. To get the issue fixed, all you need to do is diagnose the cause first. That is where this blog comes into action. We are going to list various reasons as well as solutions that can fix the Netgear WiFi not connecting to TV issue. Let’s get started.

Here’s Why Your Netgear WiFi Not Connecting to TV

When you try connecting your Netgear WiFi to your smart TV, various signals are supposed to be shown on the screen of your TV and the devices can be connected accordingly. However, many users even after properly doing the Netgear WiFi extender setup can’t get success with connecting their WiFi to Smart TV. This can turn out due to the following reasons:

  • A technical glitch in the working of extender
  • The extender’s firmware is outdated
  • Improper internet access
  • Fault in router-extender connection
  • Improper settings
  • Wrong password

As now you get to know about the reasons that might be causing the Netgear WiFi not connecting to TV issue, let’s make you aware of the solutions to fix it.

Solution: Netgear WiFi Not Connecting to TV

Reboot Your Extender

The very first solution that should be opted is to restart your extender. At times, rebooting can do wonders when it comes to fixing Netgear WiFi not connecting to TV issue.

Hence, you can unplug your extender’s power adapter and let it rest for some time without power. Now, get it installed back to the outlet and see if your TV is fetching signals. The trick works most times so try it right away!

Update Your Extender’s Firmware

Another reason that might be dragging you to the current issue could be the use of outdated firmware version on your extender. To rid yourself of the problem, consider updating the firmware of your extender.

Updating the firmware of your extender is not rocket science. You can get it by logging into your extender via the IP address and checking the settings section. In case you find the process a bit tricky, contact our technical experts for bespoke assistance.

Check Internet Access

WiFi not connecting to TV issue can also occur if you are not having access to proper internet. Thus, contact your Internet Service Provider and ensure you are getting the promised internet speed from that end.

A ping test can also be run on your router to check the internet speed just in case you want to verify things on your own.

Check Connection between Devices

A fault in the connection between your router and extender can also be one of the reasons why your TV is not connecting to WiFi. Therefore, check the connection between your devices.

Users who have employed an Ethernet cable to connect the devices need to verify that there is no cut in the cable being used. Also, check whether the cable connecting the ports of your router and extender is fitted tightly or not.

Verify Settings

The settings of the extender and TV should also be checked by you. Perhaps, there is some flaw in the settings and that is why your Netgear WiFi is connecting to TV.

You can check the settings of the extender by logging in to your device and on the other hand have a tab on the settings on your TV by turning it on and heading towards the WiFi network option.

Confirm Password

Are you sure the password used by you for connecting the WiFi to the TV is correct? If not, confirm the same.

A wrong password, if used, will take you to no internet screen instead of showing the icons of YouTube or Netflix on your smart TV.

Final Note!

These are tested and tried solutions to fix the Netgear WiFi not connecting to TV issue. No matter which trick you are following, it is suggested that you follow the process correctly. We hope the tricks given in the post will help you fix the WiFi-TV connectivity issue.

If you still can’t get success, we suggest you reset your extender to default settings and then configure it again via the mywifiext.net web address. Once done, try connecting the devices and check if it brings you luck.

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