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netgear extender | Netgear Default IP is the default IP address that lets you set up Netgear extender with ease. But, sometimes, users face issues while accessing the default IP address and stuck with error message saying ‘this site can’t be reached’.

ip not working

The error message may vary as per the web browser you are using to access the IP address. If you are also among those who are struggling with the issue of not reaching the extender login page via, then no need to worry! Here, we have listed all the tips using which you can access the Netgear default IP without any hassle.

Check Points to Fix Not Working Issue

  • Make sure your modem, router, and extender are getting adequate power supply. Also, check if all the devices are properly plugged in or not.
  • Ensure you are using an updated web browser to access If your web browser is outdated, either update it or switch to another web browser.
  • The clutter of web browser cache, cookies, and browsing history might be preventing you from accessing the Netgear default IP. So, delete all the junk now!
  • Might be your router and extender are running outdated firmware. Cross-check it! If the firmware is outdated, get it updated now by navigating to Netgear’s official site.
  • While doing the extender setup, place your extender in the same room where your WiFi router currently is.
  • Keep all your WiFi devices away from refrigerators, microwaves, cellular phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, metal appliances, and other such devices which can create interference with the WiFi signals.
  • Assign your PC a static IP address.
IP not working

By cross-checking the points mentioned above, we hope that you would be able to access Netgear default IP. Moving on, let’s make you familiar with steps you need to follow for extender login using the default IP address.

Extender Login via

Follow the steps below to access the login page of your extender using the Netgear default IP:

  1. Connect your extender to your router either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Get access to your device and launch a web browser on it.
  3. Once done, enter the Netgear default IP in the web address bar.
  4. Hit Enter. You will be directed to the Extender login page.
  5. After filling your credentials in the given fields on this page, hit Log In.
extender login

Congratulations! You are all done with the extender login process.

Still Can’t Access

Well, the problem seems serious. To fix the Netgear extender login issues, reset your device.

For reset, all you need to do is:

  • Plug in your extender and power it up.
  • Locate the Reset button on it.
  • Get access to a pin-like device.
  • Press and release the Reset button using the pin.

That’s it! Your extender resets!

Now, reconfigure your extender and check if the issue is resolved or not.

extender reset

If not, we’re 24×7 available to help you! Just get in touch with our expert technicians to help you fix the not working issue.

We’ve on-board team of highly-skilled professionals who are experienced enough to deal with any problems related to Netgear WiFi extenders. So, sit back and relax; allow us to do all the hard work for you!

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