Can I Connect WiFi Extender with Google Nest WiFi

Can I Connect WiFi Extender with Google Nest WiFi Router?

December 28, 2023 | Jones Tremblay

Wireless range extenders or mesh WiFi systems are the best ways to extend the existing network in your home or office. WiFi extenders simply work by getting their input signals from the main router or a DSL gateway. The input signals are distributed further to widen the network coverage.

Do you wonder if you can connect a WiFi range extender with a Google Nest WiFi router or not? Well, if you’re looking for information about the same then reading this blog post will be helpful to you.

WiFi Extender with Google Nest WiFi Router

Let us tell you that not all WiFi extenders work with Google Nest WiFi router. There are a few factors that you should keep in consideration when you decide to install a WiFi range extender with your Google WiFi.

1. Compatibility

Compatibility between the devices is the primary factor that you must keep in mind. Google Nest WiFi routers are compatible with universal extenders and repeaters. Check the compatibility between the devices that you are trying to connect before making a final decision.

2. Operation Mode

Consider investing in a WiFi range extender or mesh extender that supports Client mode, AP client mode or ProxySTA. Because of incompatibility between the devices, some features of extenders may not work properly. So, if you want to use DNS, Guest networks, Port Forwarding, DHCP IP reservations, QOS, IPv6 etc. then avoid using a WiFi extender with Google Nest WiFi router.

3. Changes to Settings

Any WiFi range extender that requires changes in the settings of the Google WiFi won’t work well with it. Simply put, if you are prompted to make changes to the settings of the Google router while setting up the extender, then you should avoid using that.

Now you know the factors that will help you know if you can use a WiFi extender with a Google WiFi Nest router. Allow us to help you make the connection between the WiFi router and WiFi extender.

How to Connect WiFi Extender with Main Router?

To extend the existing network in the home, you must connect the WiFi extender to the router first. This section will help you make the connection by providing you with the correct steps.

Place the Devices

Before you begin, place the WiFi range extender closer to the main router. Since the extender is going to extend the router’s signals, you are going to connect them. So, placing them closer during the setup process is essential.

Link the Devices

Use a LAN cable and insert one of its ends into the LAN port of the router and the second end into the Internet port of the extender. Verify the connection and then proceed further. Ensure there’s no loose connection.

lan port

Supply Power

Now, plug in the router and switch it on by using its Power button. Next, plug in and turn on the WiFi extender. Both these devices must be powered up completely. Turn on the device that you’ll use to carry out the further setup steps. You can use a laptop, computer or mobile phone.

Complete the Setup

Connect the PC or phone to the extender’s network now. Run a browser that’s up-to-date.Visit the default IP address or the login address of the WiFi extender to reach the setup page if it does not open up by default. Keep following what the prompts suggest you to do and carry out the WiFi extender setup.

Summing Things Up

Now you know if you can connect a WiFi extender or mesh extender to Google Nest WiFi router. We have also provided you with information about the factors that you should keep in mind while you decide on investing in a range extender. You also know how to connect a WiFi range extender with the WiFi router.

We are expecting that this blog post has helped you get the required information that you were looking for. With the hope of helping you out, here we put an end to our informative piece of write-up.

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