Kindle How to Connect My Kindle with WiFi Extender

What is Kindle? How to Connect My Kindle with WiFi Extender?

February 22, 2024 | Jones Tremblay

Kindle is one of the smartest small hand-held electronic devices for reading books that was developed by the best leading company, Amazon. As soon as you download an iPod or MP3 player with music, you similarly download books using wireless technology on to a Kindle and read them. So, are you excited to connect the Kindle with your WiFi extender? If yes, then this blog is written for you. Over here, you will find some easy-to-execute instructions on how to connect my Kindle with WiFi extender along with the fixes in case Kindle fails to connect with WiFi extender. Hence, without much delay, let’s get started!

Steps to Connect My Kindle with WiFi Extender?

The steps that will guide you connect your Kindle with WiFi extender are outlined underneath.

  • First things first, turn on your Kindle device and tap on Airplane icon.

Also, you can navigate to the Settings of your Kindle device and tap Settings. Once the Settings of the Kindle open up, tap to disable Airplane mode by simply tapping on Airplane icon.

  • After turning off the Airplane icon, connect Kindle with WiFi extender right away.

That’s it! You can smile now! You have successfully connected Kindle with WiFi extender.

Kindle Not Connecting to WiFi Extender?

On the off chance, you are having issues connecting Kindle with WiFi extender, then there are some troubleshooting tips that you can apply. So, scroll down a little and know how to fix can’t connect Kindle with WiFi extender from the comfort of your home.

Nowadays, WiFi networks are very easy to find. Whether you are in your office, home, restaurant, the airport, hotel room, or a coffee shop, you will always find a available WiFi network. Connecting your kindle with WiFi network would be the first step only to make it working. On the off chance, your Kindle is not connecting to WiFi, then what will you suppose to do? Need not to worry! Walk through this guide to know how to connect your kindle with WiFi extender by troubleshooting issues happening with it.

Before proceeding further, kindly ensure that you have done the WiFi extender setup process in a proper way. Bear in mind, only after a successful configuration of your range extender, you will get extended SSID (WiFi network name) for your Kindle to get connected with it.

Note: The extender can be of any make and model. So, don’t scroll away or close the web page if you see any particular make of the extender, for instance, Netgear.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper and know how to troubleshoot can’t connect Kindle with WiFi extender issue.

Ensure that Your Internet is Working Fine

In order to check if your internet is working fine or not, what you have to do – try connecting your other devices to its WiFi. Remember that – almost 90 percent ofWiFi routers and internet modems are consolidated into one device but still they differentiate by their performance. On the off chance, you have a separate router and internet modem, simply check to ensure that they both are on and are connected properly. And, if you are having issues, we suggest you contact Internet Service Provider (ISP) right away.

Turn Off Your Airplane Mode

Now, you need to verify if the Airplane mode is turned off/ disabled or on. If it is one, you will get issues connecting Kindle with WiFi extender. So,what you can do – simply ensure to disable/ turn off the Airplane mode.

Check the WiFi Password

Sometimes, an incorrect WiFi password can be one of the biggest reasons behind preventing Kindle from connecting with WiFi extender. Just ensure that you have used the correct password for making your Kindle and the WiFi extender get connected.

Update Kindle Software

In the event, the software of your Kindle device is outdated, then also it may have issues connecting with WiFi extender. Keep in mind, the latest version of software update is helpful in fixing many big issues. So, always remember to keep an eye whenever a new software version is available to download on your Kindle.

Restart Your Kindle

If the above-mentioned fixes doesn’t bring you luck, then try restarting your Kindle. For this, press and hold the on/ off (power button) on your Kindle device for 30-40 seconds, and turn it off.Now, you can press the power button again to turn on your Kindle.

Power Cycle Your WiFi Extender

Technical glitches may also prevent your Kindle from connecting to WiFi extender. The best way to deal with the issue is to power cycle or restart the range extender as well. For this:

  • Unplug your WiFi extender and turn it off.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Plug in back the extender.
  • The LEDs on the extender will start blinking green. Wait till they get stable.

To check if your WiFi extender is working after restarting by accessing any random IP, like

Now, try connecting Kindle with WiFi extender using the instructions highlighted above.

The last Words

With the hope of helping you out, we are now going to wrap up our article on how to connect my Kindle with WiFi extender. Anticipating that after going through this blog post, you will be able to rack up success with the process of connecting Kindle with WiFi extender.

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