Fixes for XS 6 Nighthawk

Fixes for XS 6 Nighthawk Extender Unable to Update Issue

October 31, 2023 | Jones Tremblay

With time, the firmware of a technical device needs to get updated and that too so that it can function properly. In case the firmware of the device is not updated when needed or when notified, then rather than enhancing the performance, it will end up degrading it. That is why it is supremely important that one updates the firmware when needed. What is that? Did you try to go about the same process for your Nighthawk XS 6 extender but end up failing? Well, in that case, take a quick look at the solutions mentioned below and wrap your head around how to fix the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue.

How to Fix XS 6 Nighthawk Extender Unable to Update Issue?

1. Keep the Browser Updated

One of the biggest reasons why the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue is troubling you is that the browser in use is not updated. So, what can be done to reverse the situation? You just need to access the settings menu and update the browser. Now, try to update the software by accessing the setup page. By the way, do not think that every browser gets updated in the same manner.

2. Clean the Internet Browser

In view of this solution being read by you, we are assuming that you are still facing the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue. We know why, because you might have updated the browser but you forgot to clean it. Cleaning is possible if it is made free from browsing history, cookies, and cache. For this, you have to make your way to the same section that helped you to update the browser.

3. Check the WiFi Connection

Let us be honest, we all are aware of the disadvantages one can have if the internet connection is weak. With that said, don’t you think a weak internet could have also forced the firmware update process to fail? If you agree with you, then do not waste any more time reading and contact your Internet Service Provider. It is recommended that you give him some time to fix the issue.

4. Download the Right Version

During the firmware update process, one needs to enter the model number so that the respective version can be downloaded. However, if you did not take care of this thing, then it is not a shock that the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue is bothering it. To fix it, download the right firmware version when prompted. Be certain about what it is beforehand by referring to the manual.

5. Follow the Right Guidelines

From where did you refer to execute the firmware update process? Was it a third-party website? Well, to correct your mistake, you ought to either refer to the official website of Netgear or the instructions given in the user manual. They are the rightful sources where you find all the information you need about the product you own. Starting from the Netgear EX7000 setup process to troubleshooting issues, everything.

6. Download an Antivirus App

The last troubleshooting solution that can be used to fix the Netgear wireless range extender unable to update issue is to download antivirus software. The whole reason why this is being suggested to you is because your client devices might be infected with malicious software like viruses. You can try the McAfee as an example for good results. In case you are interested in doing research of your own, do so by all means.

The Bottom Line

We are anticipating that after reading the various solutions presented above, you will be able to put an end to the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue in a hassle-free manner. In case you are still experiencing, then we have an option for you, i.e. why don’t you consider changing the method? By that, we mean, that if you using the manual method, then perhaps, you ought to learn how to use the Nighthawk app for the update of the firmware. Sounds about right? If you agree and are eager to learn how to use the mobile app for the same, then go through what is given in the user manual.

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