When Nighthawk App Can’t Find Router

What to Do When Nighthawk App Can’t Find Router?

October 11, 2023 | Adam Hector

Are you worried because your Nighthawk app is not detecting your router? Well, this happens with many users that the Nighthawk app shows an error message saying router not found or internet not connected. In case you are also receiving an error message and your Nighthawk app can’t find router, then use this post as a medium for getting the perfect solution for this issue. Here, you will learn some best remedies using which your app will work fine and will easily detect your Netgear router. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Nighthawk App Can’t Find Router: What to Do?

Connect to the Right Network

In order to access the Nighthawk app on your phone, the phone must be connected to the Netgear router’s network. Perhaps the phone is using cellular data and hence you are facing this problem. We recommend you check the network you are connected to. Ensure that you are using the router’s WiFi and not the mobile data. To avoid any issues, turn off the cellular data.

After connecting the right network, check if the Nighthawk app can detect the router or not.

Change the Operating Mode on the Router

You might have configured your Netgear router in the AP mode or the Access Point mode. This is the reason why the Nighthawk app can’t find router. Some router models can’t use the Nighthawk app if configured in AP mode. You should thus change the mode to the Router mode. You need to log in to the router on a web browser on the computer connected to its network. After logging in, go to settings > Advanced > Advanced Setup > Router Mode.

Save the settings and you are done.

Update the Netgear Router

If the router firmware update is not timely done, can also be a reason for many issues with the router. You should thus check for firmware updates for your router. FYI, not all routers have the same firmware updates. For instance, firmware updates for the Netgear AC1900 router will be different from the Netgear R6400 router. Thus download the correct file for the router model that you own and get it installed on the router right away using the web interface.

Perform a Power Cycle

Every time your Netgear router gives you trouble, you should perform a power cycle for the entire network. Maybe this is all your network needs right now. Power cycling helps devices get some rest and also makes the devices work fine by resolving temporary glitches from them.

So, you need to turn off your Netgear router, modem, and the phone on which the Nighthawk app is installed. Remove the wires as well. Let the devices be in this way for some time. Make the connections once again and power on the devices. Connect the phone to the router’s network and see if the Nighthawk app can’t find router even now.

Update the Nighthawk App

The outdated version of the Netgear Nighthawk app might be the reason why the router is not detected on the app. You should thus consider giving your app an update immediately. Head to the Application Store on your smartphone and check for updates. Get the app updated and then reboot the phone and launch the app. The issue that you were struggling with should have left your side by now.

Reset Netgear Router

Resetting erases the customized settings from the router. Any problem that is causing the issue will also be removed by the reset process. The router will get a fresh start. So, without giving a second thought about it, reset your Netgear router right away. To reset, you need to first turn on the router and then using a sharp object, push and hold the Reset hole on it. Hold it for at least 10 seconds. Release it and you are done with the reset process. The router now runs on the default factory settings.

To Briefly Conclude

When the Netgear router is reset, it needs to be set up once again from scratch. So, use any method that you prefer to complete the setup process. The Nighthawk app can’t find router will be an issue in the past. We recommend getting the firmware on the router updated to the latest version to enhance the router’s performance and keep it away from many issues.

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