Netgear Extender EX3700 Not Connecting to Router

Why is Netgear Extender EX3700 Not Connecting to Router?

December 18, 2023 | Jones Tremblay

The “Netgear extender EX3700 not connecting to host router” issue got rolled out on 7th December 2023 on Netgear communities. Users have filed complaints that the Netgear WiFi EX3700 setup process is stuck due to this issue. This means that EX3700 users are being forced to have no internet access on their client devices.

Given you are reading this blog post; you might be experiencing the same problem. To help you to resolve it and never ever face it again, we have penned down some of the most used tips below. Implementing them will surely help you to create a strong connection between your Netgear EX3700 extender and router.

Netgear Extender EX3700 Not Connecting to Router? Why?

This blog post has been divided into two sections: REASONS & SOLUTIONS. Once you know the reason behind the “Netgear extender EX3700 not connecting to host router” issue, fixing it will become a piece of cake for you.


Wrong Placement

1st Scenario: Chances are that the Netgear extender has been kept in one corner of the house where as the router has been kept in another. Judging by this, it is not wrong to say that signal transmission is not happening between them. In case the distance is not much, then it is probably too less which is not letting the signals get emitted in the first place.

2nd Scenario: The second scenario could be that the extender has been kept near electronic devices and appliances. Their examples include cordless phones, baby monitors, treadmills, televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and much more. They are messing around with the signals of your range extender.

Damaged Ethernet

1st Scenario: Chances are that the Ethernet cable that has been put to use for the creation of the connection between the Netgear extender and router is worn out or has gotten old over time thereby becoming another reason behind the awful “EX3700 not connecting to router” issue. By the way, this can also cause the not working issue.

2nd Scenario: In case the Ethernet cable that you have used is very much new but you are still not able to connect your networking devices, then it could be because the cable connection is loose. This could be because you have not connected it tightly to the ports which are located on the wireless range extender and router.


Change Placement

1st Resolution: Make sure that the distance between them is neither too much nor too less. In case it is too much, unplug the extender from the wall socket that it is plugged into as of now and then, connect it to the one close to the router. If the distance is too less, then create some, without wasting any more time.

2nd Resolution: Change the location of the Netgear extender EX3700 and keep it away from cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, and every other example that has been given above. Now, check whether the “Netgear extender EX3700 not connecting to host router” issue has bid adieu to you. If not, keep reading.

Replace Ethernet

1st Resolution: Consider taping up the Ethernet cable that is in use right now. In case, this does not work for you, then you should consider changing the existing cable with a brand new one. Make sure that the new Ethernet cable which you are about to purchase is not damaged, as in; it should not have cuts on it.

2nd Resolution: Even if you bring a new cable, it will not resolve the “Netgear extender EX3700 not connecting to host router” issue for you if it is not plugged properly. Thus, make sure that only a finger-tight connection is being established. See to it that you hear the click sound. This sound is symbolic as it signifies that the connection is tight.

Final Thoughts

Were you careful while reading the troubleshooting solutions given above? Nodding your head in yes? Well then, nothing will be able to prevent you from fixing the “Netgear extender EX3700 not connecting to host router” issue. However, if you are still facing it, then you should probably consider rebooting both devices.

Rebooting has helped many users fix technical issues. We are expecting that it helps you out too. You do not have to do much to execute the process. Just turn the device off and on using the power button, and when you do so, wait a little in between. This will give the extender enough time to get back on track.

In case you need a more detailed procedure, then you may read what is given in the manual of your device. Starting from Netgear extender setup steps and multiple specifications, to upgrading the Netgear extender to the latest version, it has every little. Do not believe us? Open it and see for yourself.

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