Why Should You Hide SSID of Your Netgear Extender?
Why Should You Hide SSID of Your Netgear Extender?

Why Should You Hide SSID of Your Netgear Extender?

Netgear extender users often ask our experts to guide them on how to secure their WiFi. Although we have answered the same question many times, still we have found that many users are lacking when it comes to protecting their WiFi from potential threats. Here, in this guide, we’ll shed light on a single aspect that can help you keep intruders at bay and make your WiFi completely secure. You would be wondering is it possible to protect your WiFi just with the implementation of one hack? Well, yes! Simply hide SSID of your Netgear extender from the network list and make things happen. Here’s is how to do it.

Hide SSID of Your Extender to Protect it From Leeches

Want to make your Netgear WiFi extender network more secure? If so, hiding your extender’s SSID from broadcasting can help you in a big way. Check below the steps explaining how to hide Netgear_ext SSID from broadcasting.

  • Before you begin, make sure your extender is connected to your home WiFi router in a proper manner.
  • Turn on your PC and open a web browser on it.
    Note: Make sure the web browser you use is running the latest software version and is not carrying any browsing junk like cache and cookies.
  • Once done, type mywifiext.net web address into the URL field. If you are using a MAC-supported machine, then consider using mywifiext local instead.
  • After entering the default web address into its respective field, press the Enter key to access the extender login page.
  • You, then need to fill in your login details into the username and password fields. If the Netgear extender login details have been altered by you, consider using the updated credentials to avoid any hassle with the process of extender login.
  • Hitting the Log In option will redirect you to the Netgear Genie setup wizard.
  • Once there, go to the settings section of your WiFi device and locate the Administration option.
  • There you will find the ‘Broadcast this Network Name (SSID)’ option.
  • To hide SSID of your extender, uncheck this option.
  • If your extender supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks, then consider disabling the option for both networks.
  • As soon as you complete the above-listed steps, click Save to make the changes effective.
  • Now, open the WiFi settings on your PC or smartphone to confirm if you have got success with the process of hiding your extender’s SSID or not.

Note: Just in case you need to unhide the SSID of your extender, you can do this by checking the ‘Enable SSID Broadcast’ option with the execution of the same steps.

This is all about how you can hide SSID of your Netgear WiFi range extender. This is the manual process, which can be opted by you for making your Netgear extender’s WiFi name hidden from nearby devices. However, to get success with the process, make sure you follow all the steps correctly.

Wrapping Up

As soon as you complete the process of Netgear extender setup for any model you own, its network will be visible to others. Thus, anyone within the range of your network will be able to see it and might get access to your network by hacking it. So, if you want to keep your WiFi secure from such seething, it is recommended to hide SSID of your extender right away. This will stop broadcasting the WiFi network name of your extender and protect it from internet felons.

Although hiding the SSID of a Netgear extender is not rocket science, just in case you need any help, feel free to approach our technical experts for quick assistance.

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