Netgear Mesh Extender with Asus Router

How to Connect Netgear Mesh Extender with Asus Router?

November 8, 2023 | Adam Hector

An adequate power supply, a stable connection between the networking devices, and the usage of the correct web address and login credentials are some major requirements to finish the Netgear extender setup process. In this blog, we have specifically thrown light on one section of this process, i.e. connecting the networking devices. By this, we are referring to the process to connect Netgear mesh extender with Asus router. Continue reading and find out how to join them in a hassle-free manner.

Steps to Connect Netgear Mesh Extender with Asus Router

Prior to learning how to connect Netgear mesh WiFi extender with Asus router, you should know that there are two methods to do so. They have been highlighted here:

  • Wireless source
  • Wired source

In this blog post, we have thoroughly explained both methods. You may read both of them. Once done, whichever you find easier, you can execute that.

It is recommended that you go through the information presented below with open eyes. Skipping even one step will make it very hard for you to wrap your head around the process of connecting the networking devices. And if that happens, you will be forced to go through the instructions given here again.

Join Netgear Mesh Extender with Asus Router [Wireless]

Start the process by locating the WPS button on the Netgear mesh WiFi extender. You ought to know that on most extenders, the location of the WPS button is the same, but on some, it may vary. To learn where the same button is on your device, go to the user manual. There you will find every little detail about your extender.

Once you find the button, press it. Now, you need to hold on for more than 5 minutes. As soon as you feel that you have waited enough, locate the same button on the Asus router and press it as well. When the light located on the devices becomes solid, it will serve as an indication that your devices have been linked.


Make sure that prior to connecting your networking devices with a wireless source of connection; you maintain a safe distance between them. This means that the Asus router and mesh extender should neither be kept too close to each other, nor too far. Keeping them too far will stop their signals from transmitting with ease and keeping them too close will force their signals to clash.

Connect Netgear Mesh Extender with Asus Router [Wired]

For a seamless flow of connection, many users prefer to join Netgear extender with Asus router with a wire. This is not referring to just another wire in general, but particularly the Ethernet cable. In order to connect your networking devices using an Ethernet cable, you need to read the steps given in the next paragraph.

Plug one end of the Ethernet cable to the port of the Netgear WiFi mesh extender whereas the other one to the port of the Asus router. Make sure that you hear the click sound when you clip the cable in. Hearing this sound is important as it will notify you that the connection you have made is not loose, instead, it is finger-tight.


The Ethernet cable or wire that you will use to join the Netgear wireless range extender to the router should not be damaged. This means that it should not have any cuts on or in it. Apart from this, it is recommended that you avoid using a worn-out cable, one which has gotten old over time. At last, see to it that the ports located on the Netgear mesh extender as well as the Asus router are clean. If they are not, do so using a cotton swab.

Sum Up

We expect that after reading the information presented above, you will easily be able to connect Netgear mesh extender with Asus router. In case you are interested in gaining knowledge regarding similar topics, then it is recommended that you visit this website often. The reason being, that every week something latest and informative gets posted here. This means that whenever you feel like satisfying your hunger for knowledge, visiting this website will turn out to be fruitful for you.

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