AX6 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Nighthawk AX6 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting?

December 1, 2023 | Adam Hector

Whether your file is about to finish getting downloaded or you have reached the end of a Zoon call, a sudden drop in the WiFi is a massive buzz kill. People deal with this kind of problem every now and then, regardless of the router or extender that they have set up in their homes. In this blog post, we have particularly talked about the Nighthawk AX6 wireless range extender. However, the solutions given can be implemented for models of belonging to other brands as well. Thus, continue reading and find out how you can fix the Nighthawk AX6 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting issue in a matter of minutes.

Nighthawk AX6 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting [Fixed]


Let us first talk about the reasons why you are experiencing the Nighthawk AX6 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting issue. They have been highlighted here:

  • Too many devices are connected to the network of the AX6 extender.
  • The firmware of your networking device is not running on an updated version.
  • Your extender is kept in one corner of the house and the client device is in another.

Now, continue reading and become aware of the solutions that can help you to fix the “why does my WiFi keep disconnecting and reconnecting” issue in the blink of an eye.


1. Disconnect the Unused Devices

The first and the easiest solution to fix the Nighthawk AX6 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting issue is to disconnect all the unused devices from the WiFi of the extender. Do you want to know the simplest way to do this? Well, you need to just change the WiFi password. This will kick every unwanted device off. Now, you can allow only a selected number of devices to connect to the network of your Netgear AX6 range extender.

Once you have followed this troubleshooting technique, see in case the disconnecting and reconnecting issue has been eliminated. No? Are you still facing it? Continue reading.

2. Update the Extender Firmware

Upgrading the firmware version of the extender model that you own is another way to get rid of the Nighthawk AX6 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting issue. To upgrade the firmware, you can make use of the mywifiext web address. Though it will bring you luck to fix the “why does my WiFi extender keep disconnecting” issue, by any chance, it fails to, do not shy away from using the mobile app to execute and finish the firmware update process.

For your information, the process to execute both methods has been given in the user manual. So, if any cross-checking needs to be done from your end, you know where to look.

3. Get Close to the Range Extender

Where are you sitting? Far away from the Netgear Nighthawk AX6 wireless extender? Yes? Well, this might be making it difficult for your client device to receive signals from the extender thereby forcing you to question yourself, “why does my WiFi keep disconnecting and reconnecting”. To fix the problem, you ought to get closer to the extender with your client device. Apart from this, make sure that there is no signal interference around.

Your extender should not be placed near mirrors, fish tanks, microwave ovens, cordless phones, washing machines, treadmills, and televisions.

WiFi Still Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting?

In case you are still wondering “why does my WiFi keep disconnecting and reconnecting”, you are left with no other option than to reset your device. To reset Netgear extender in a hassle-free manner, all you need to do is, press and hold the reset button. Wait for more than five minutes and let the Netgear wireless range extender reboot. It is recommended that you do not interrupt the process by powering down the networking device.

Sum Up

Fixing the Nighthawk AX6 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting issue is no big deal. But, the users get so frustrated due to it that they get puzzled when it comes down to fixing it. Given you are amongst them, we are clearly expecting that the aforementioned solutions assisted you well. In case have successfully stopped the WiFi from disconnecting and reconnecting over and over again, then feel free to access a blazing-fast and uninterrupted internet connection on all your client devices.

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